Hellooooo!! Love Circus Update!

Well, hello there!  I am glad to emerge from my circus tent to say hello to you all!

I've written multiple posts in my head.  I've thought about it so much, and have yet to slow down to share!!

So here is a top 5 of what has been showcasing at the circus:

1) Victor Love - Our dog-child Victor had to have surgery in January to remove a tumorous growth on his front paw.  The thing had doubled in size from Thanksgiving to the New Year!  Our vet advised that we needed to remove it to run tests to see if it was cancer.  It was a pretty stressful couple of weeks, but praise the Lord the results indicated that it was not cancer (but it still had to be removed and they had taken care of that in the initial surgery).  He's fully recovered and still milking it for all it is worth by sleeping in our bed every night.

2) Joseph Karate Batman Love's 6th Birthday was January 12th!  We went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg to celebrate, and had some fun, new experiences!  We like to go to Dollywood, but the park is closed January-Marchish so we decided to enjoy discounted off-season rates at the Dreammore Hotel and explore more of the area!  We went to the Aquarium of the Smokies which was super cool!  The boys really enjoyed the viewing tube (complete with people moving conveyor belts).  There is also a neat indoor playground for the kids, which mine really loved!  We also visited the Guinness World Records Museum.  The boys (and grown ups) had a lot of fun doing all of the challenges to see if they could match the world record.  I highly recommend a visit there!!
The weather was a bit rainy so we tabled going to Anakeesta and hope to try that next time we are there (which is looking like spring break for us).

3) Keeping track of personal and professional goals - So another big event over January is a bit of a work transition which has me taking on a bit more responsibility with the Bekah Cochran Team and it has definitely required solid planning.  We got new planners this year, and I have really come to love the format of this one!  We are still easing into the flow of things, and are really just taking it week by week.  Bekah always says "make sure your goals and your calendars match", and that really translates to all aspects of your life.  Writing it down on the calendar is a form of making an affirmation, and that is incredibly powerful.  

4) Keeping track of personal and professional goals Part 2:  More work-related time for me means refreshing the wardrobe a bit with some professional/work pieces and I'm pretty jazzed that I picked up this sweater from Cabi (I'm hosting a show in March and really looking forward to picking a couple of versatile pieces I can mix and match).  JCrew & JCrew Factory has had some delightful clearance sales since Christmas, and I have been piecing together some basics from the clearance.  Clearance is my love language.  
Me taking notes in coaching and wearing my new Cabi Trumpet Cardi

5) Rosemary Trip- We took a Bekah Cochran Team trip to Rosemary Beach, FL the first weekend of February to celebrate meeting sales goals in 2017!!  It was so much fun to spend time with these wonderful women (and Bekah's oh so precious 5 month old - lots of baby snuggling) in such a beautiful place!!  Side Note: I got this absolutely divine sweater by Barefoot Dreams at 
Patchoulis in Rosemary!  I have been wearing it A LOT (I am literally wearing it right now).

That's a tiny glimpse of what we've been up to lately, I cannot believe we are staring at March.  I am so energized and excited that signs of spring have begun here in Chattanooga!!