Circus Weekend Fun Finds

Well, it looks like I'm running like two weeks behind on posting about anything!  One of these days I will get my act together.

The Love Circus had a fun weekend visiting the family a couple of weeks ago!  I love Chattanooga and know I'm right where I need to be, but it's tough being a ways away from my parents and my sister & her family.  I try to go back with the boys as much as I can to visit.  

We had such a nice visit!! Grandma was so kind to spend some QT with the grandkid boys, SO Crafty Southern Mandy and I even got to sneak away to pay a visit to one of our favorite places: HomeGoods!!

It was wild, Sunday afternoon. HomeGoods was at holiday shopping level - but we were brave.  We got our carts, and cut a path into the labyrinth of wonder that awaited us.  

Here are some of our fun finds:

For the Little Love Boys ~  
I think these bean bag chairs are so cute!! 

Joseph Love is a shark lover, and these sheets are so cute with the solids and gingham sharks!
These are cute storage chests that have cushioned tops, that would fit perfectly at the foot of a twin bed!

We had pillows on the brain!  
Having Love for a last name has endless benefits!

I love the Ralph Lauren Home items, these throw pillows were super cute, and the denim type fabric is so versatile.  The price was a wee bit higher than I would like to pay, sadly it did not go home with me 😢

HomeGoods is a great place to snag Lauren by Ralph Lauren king pillow 2 packs for a good price!

Deep love for coffee translated through cute wall art.
I bought this one, it was just $7.99!!

I LOVE these baskets, they come in three sizes and sometimes different color schemes.  I have them all over my house and they are great for decoration, toy storage, clothes hamper - you name it.  At $14-19 a basket, these are a great deal!!

I was digging this cute couch! I love the color and it's $499!

Mandy found a picture that looks like their dogs Blue and Marty!

This coat rack was on clearance for $10, and I knew as soon as I saw it that it must live in my house. 

What did I take home???
Pineapple coat rack AND the one of the several cute baskets living in my house!
Fun coffee print made it to the shelf, for now.

I also grabbed a two-pack of king-sized pillows for our bed 
(which we were needing in a bad way). 
(And, ahem, some cute shirts for myself too).
I mean, the TJ Maxx and HomeGood stores are attached to one another you can't visit one without visiting the other.

Thank you for enjoying our fun finds at HomeGoods!
I hope I can come up with some more fun finds to share soon.  Where do you go for your fun finds??