Fashion on Friday...Stylish Southern Mama

Hi, friends!

Welcome to the first Fashion on Friday installment of Stylish Southern Mama, Summer 2018!

Kim and I have decided to take turns sharing a few of our favorite fashion/beauty finds every week  (because loading up our shopping cart online & never checking out is basically our whole life...).
We know you guys love to shop too and we don't want you to miss a chance to add something to your pretend online shopping spree as well. 😉

Some of the links that we share might be affiliate links, but most are just regular links to things that we love. Grab some coffee and join me for a few fun fashion finds on this beautiful Friday morning!

So, let's start here...
last night I had the craziest dream!

In this dream my family & I were at some school orientation or assembly where we were corralled in a large, loud gymnasium like facility. One minute I'm paying attention and focused, the next minute I am UP,
speed walking
and scrambling frantically
trying to find a RESTROOM! 
I'm thinking, HELP, HELP ME!!
I NEED some soap and water!!
I look down & see that I have this massive splat of pizza sauce on the leg of my most beloved, FAVORITE pair of WHITE JEANS!!!!
Then, I wake up in a cold sweat!!😂

I'm not sure what the hidden meaning of this dream is exactly (I suspect it has something to do how much pizza I have consumed recently), but I do know how hard I would try to save a pair of white jeans that fit JUST RIGHT!

This summer I've lucked up and found a great pair that I LOVE!
I've had good luck with Vigoss brand jeans over the past couple of years, but this pair is by far my favorite out of all of them!

Thompson Tomboy Distressed Cuffed Cropped Skinny Jeans, true to size.
These are stretchy, soft and thick enough without being heavy.

My new most favorite lipstick
is an all natural lipstick made by Young Living,
Savvy Minerals in "I Dare You".

I ordered the lipstick when their makeup debuted last summer and I liked how it moisturized my lips, but the color was not my favorite. This spring they released several new colors and I am just tickled to death with the one I ordered called I Dare You!

(& here's a funny pic from my Instagram story so you can see how it looks on)

*I am a Young Living distributor, 
so if you're interested in this one or another color let me know. 

This spring I decided to try Trunk Club, which is a Nordstrom company.
I am SO glad that I did!!
This company is similar to the concept of Stitch Fix, but the quality is much better.
You tell about yourself, your style, share pins on pinterest, etc and your stylist will send you a trunk full of goodies to try. You pay a $25 stylist fee, but that goes toward anything you purchase out of your trunk.

Your trunk arrives all fancy looking in a super nice cardboard box with a handle that looks like a vintage traveling trunk. When you open that baby up, it's like the best Christmas ever! So far I have wanted to cry every month having to send so many things back because everything in my trunks has been amazing & I want to keep it all!!

My trunk stylist has sent me some fabulous pieces made by brands like Tretorn, JCrew, Vigoss, Draper James, Lilly Pulitzer, Madewell, Jack Rogers, etc, etc...

Here are a couple of things that she has sent me that I kept and make me laugh because I would have NEVER ordered them for myself and they ended up being so perfect for me!

Draper James Floral Hillsboro Cotton Shift Dress
This is much brighter in person and is true to size, the medium was just right.

Here's a shot of me in it on Mother's Day.
It is so pretty & SO comfortable!
(Evan is standing on a rock, but I'm sure it won't be much longer before we are hugging nose to nose...he is growing like crazy this summer, despite the fact that he has been forbidden to do so!)

The Anchor Embroidery Cotton Chambray Top from 1901 by Nordstrom!
This is a new brand that my stylist sent me a few different pieces to try. The designs remind me of JCrew, they are simple and traditional (my favorite) and the fabrics were REALLY nice quality!

Here's one that I decided to keep, I love this top so much!!
I wish I had a picture of me in it, this stock photo does not do it justice!

If you're thinking about trying Trunk Club,
I have to highly recommend that you give them a try!

Here are a couple of shift dresses that I have had my eye on, but have not tried.
I have had some great luck buying clothes on Amazon!
They are usually crazy cheap and if they don't work I can just send them right back for a refund.

Merokeety Womens Sleeveless Shift Dress, $18.99

Verdusa Women's Summer Maxi Dress, $20.99

Thanth Women's Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress, $15.99

MakeMeChic Off the Shoulder Tassel Dress, $15.99

One last thing that I've bought this spring that I absolutely LOVE are these wedges!
I am flats all day long, sisters!
But I am wearing these wedges at least once a week,
they are the bomb and they go with everything I own!!
I sized up and got the 9 instead of my regular 8.5 & they are perfect!

Treasure & Bond Platform Wedges

I'm watching for them to go on sale because I want the gray ones too!!

Well, that's all I've got this week!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. Kim will be back next week for her first Fashion on Friday and I can't wait to see what she's found!

Have a fabulous Father's Day weekend, sweet friends!