Summer greetings from the Mayor of Crazytowne

(doing a Forrest Gump wave)

Hi, friends!!!

Oh, my goodness it has been awhile!

I wanted to pop in here real quick to say hello and say that I hope you are doing well!

We just got out of school for summer here and as usual we are all already running in Crazytowne mode! (also known as #crazytownesummer on Instagram)

I cannot believe how fast this school year flew by!

Our sweet Evan finished up 5th grade at a new school this year. I was such a nervous wreck about him changing schools in fifth grade, but he had the BEST YEAR!
It is kind of long story (but I mean, are there any other kind with me), the school he is attending now is the school he is zoned for.  He has been at a different school since second grade because we thought we might move (ha) and this particular school was so helpful of his dyslexia issues we just decided to leave him there (even though we definitely were not moving).

Are you following me here? 😅

He was about to be moved to a different school in sixth grade anyway for middle school, so we decided to go ahead make this move to the smaller K-8 school now because smaller is better when you have severe dyslexia.

But, the little trout is doing great. He made some new friends, made great grades, came home every day excited about going back to school the next day. A mama just can't ask for more than that, you know! He's also decided to play on the football team next year (be near, Lord) and is going to run Cross it looks like I won't be stepping down as Mayor of Crazytowne just yet.

(First day of 5th grade, Last day of 5th grade)

Olivia finished up her sophomore year of high school, got her braces off, has learned how to drive and is about two weeks away from turning 16 years old and I am just over here shaking my head because I swear she was in the third grade playing Barbie's just about five minutes ago! She also had a great school year, despite some pretty stressful events that happened at her school. She made good grades (made an A IN ALGEBRA, y'all!!! Thank the good Lord above that she did not inherit my illiterate math genes, amen!!), she played softball, ran for a student council spot (and won). We have been super proud of her hard work this year!

But it hit me hard a couple of weeks ago...just twenty four more months...that's is all I have left before she walks across that stage to get her diploma, packs her car and drives off with my heart like the saddest Kenny Chesney song you've ever heard...(excuse me while I go squall my eyeballs out).

(First day of 10th grade, Last day of 10th grade)

On a sidebar, she would want me to clarify that she is not wearing the same shoes in those pictures. She wore the first pair out & the ones on the right are a brand new pair of the same shoes (she is her mother's daughter)...😂

And then there's this brand new thing that I've been trying to figure out how to navigate called being a "College Mom"...(and feeling like I've earned an F for fail, I might add).
Owen finished up his first year of college (fastest school year I have ever in my entire life...).
He started out last fall living at home and going to a school close by, but since we have rules here at our house he decided to transfer (I'm joking) (not really).

He is four hours away from home now and is considering going to dental school, but still not really sure what he wants to do. He made some pretty decent grades this semester which impressed me because he didn't have his mommy there to hold his hand.

He's home for the summer and I'm pretty sure this will be the last summer he ever comes home for the summer again if he can help it (because we have rules here and all...). 😉

So that's where I am as a mama at the moment. 

I've not been blogging very much this year because quite frankly I have not had the first clue about what I was doing as a mama and blogging like was in control of the situation when I wasn't just seemed so fake (and y'all know I am not fake).

I was actually considering letting the blog go, but about a month ago I ran across a post about having older (but not yet adult) children and it completely change my tune.

A Letter to the Lonely Mom of Older Kids by Rachele Anne Ridge

((thank you, Rachel Anne...I needed those words so much))❤

I realized, that I MOST DEFINITELY DID still have stories to tell!
And if my stories helped just one person, the way Rachel Anne's story helped me....then this adventure was still worth my time.

So, if anyone besides my mother is still reading way down here...(hi, mommy)
I appreciate you taking the time to visit this sad, neglected blog.

Come back to visit soon because now that I've embraced my failures from this past year and gotten a better perspective about this whole "mom of older kids" thing, I have got some {really funny} stories to share!

Take care, sweet friends!
Talk to you soon!