Charleston Adventures, 2018

Happy Summer, Friends!!

Whew, it has been a HOT one here in middle Tennessee!

Last month we grabbed the kids & snuck off for a long weekend in one of our favorite cities, Charleston, SC! We absolutely LOVE the holy city, but you might have already guessed that if you have read one of my previous posts about Charleston, here, here, and also here.

So much love! 

Well, this trip was short but we packed it full of fun adventures & had PERFECT weather!
I could not believe our good luck when we arrived in Charleston and were greeted by 86 degrees & a BREEZE!

(Because it was hotter than poppa bear's porridge in Nashville when we left, shew!)

We stayed at our favorite hotel, the Belmond Charleston Place. This is the first time we have stayed there with our kids and I'm pretty sure this place knocked their little socks off because it is gorgeous & quite fancy!

I came up with this theory immediately because as soon as we got in our room Evan says TAKE MY PICTURE!!

This year Charleston Place hotel opened a new rooftop bar outside the pool on the 4th floor. This is for hotel guests only and you have sign in to use the pool/bar area when you come though the spa lobby to get to the pool.

It was gorgeous up there! The bar area overlooks King Street and on the opposite side you have a perfect view of the Cooper River Bridge (which is stunning at night). We had the best time lounging, swimming, reading (well, I did some reading) and slurping fruity beverages (also me).

(little copycat is slurping a nonalcoholic drink, by the way)

The best part was the sunset view,
which was just amazing and peaceful!

One fun thing we did on this trip was a GHOST TOUR!

We've been visiting Charleston for 20 years and this is the first time we've gotten around to doing one of these. I think this wait was partly because there are SO MANY different ghost tours to choose from and we can never make up our mind, we end up arguing about it & then say forget it! Plus, our kids were too small for a period of that time but this time they were the perfect ages (16 & 12).

We found this wonderful (and I do mean ABSOLUTELY DIVINE) bookstore across the street from Fleet Landing after lunch on Saturday. (Fleet Landing is amazing, reservations are recommended)

Buxton Books and tours is a new regionally focused bookstore on the corner of Cumberland Street in Historic Charleston.

All the books are southern themed, by southern authors...

I could have stayed in there all afternoon, it was divine!!!

While we were in there we decided to make reservations to do their ghost tour for that night. The tour is two hours long and based on the stories in Julian Buxton's book, The Ghosts of Charleston.
(which I bought a copy of & read through that afternoon before the tour)
((because it is hard to read lips in the dark & I didn't want to be completely lost))

The tour starts at the book store and ended in a cemetery just off of King Street.
We did the 7-9 tour and it was just getting good & dark when the tour ended in the cemetery. It was a very interesting tour, so many good stories! It was not really scary, but it was pretty creepy at the end! If you are interested in doing a tour, this one was pretty good!

ANOTHER fun thing we did this time was a CARRIAGE RIDE!

I know, right!
How on earth have we gone to Charleston for the last 20 years and NOT done one!!

Aaron & I did one at night when were there one December a few years ago. It was short and we sang Christmas carols and it was all sorts of merry fun! I've wanted to do a daytime tour ever since!

I booked a carriage ride through Expedia before we even left home (I also booked our hotel room through Expedia and saved quite a bit of money). We lucked out & ended up booking with the nicest carriage company of all of them, the Palmetto Carriage Company...ON THE NICEST FRIDAY EVENING in June that ever existed in the state of South Carolina (85 degrees with a glorious breeze) was the most delightfully satisfying 30 minutes of our whole trip! 

 Our guide was animated and interesting, and the carriage itself was very well maintained. If you're headed to Charleston, we definitely recommend this company.

The rest of the trip we walked, and walked, and walked, and I might have cried one time because my feet hurt so bad, but I kept it to myself because no self respecting southerner cries from walking in Charleston unless it's tears of happiness.

We debated about doing a couple of house tours, but Aaron & I had already done both of these and just decided to take the kids to wander around on the property and read the signs instead. This turned out to be so perfect because in all the years we've wandered the streets south of Broad, they have never stepped off the sidewalk and into one of those magical looking private gardens.

They were both quite enchanted
(but of course they would never admit that outright to the parentals)…

Because, let's be honest...they were really more interested in getting out of the heat & back into the pool (& Olivia was devising a strategy to get up to Urban Outfitters & ditch her family)…

We stopped by they elegant Nathaniel-Russel House and Museum, which is just amazing & I highly recommend this home if you're interested in seeing an elegant southern mansion...

"Opulence. Splendor. Grandeur. Just a few of the words that describe the architecture, the works of art, and the lifestyle of an elite 19th-century family."

The gardens are pretty amazing too.

Then, we stopped by the beautiful Calhoun Mansion which is pretty much the craziest thing I have ever seen (on the inside)! It is the opposite of the Nathaniel-Russel House in every way!

SO MUCH STUFF in there, y'all!!
It's all so very beautiful, but I could not believe all the stuff! It was like a Civil War edition of Hoarders!

The garden is also pretty over the top. We had fun wandering through and reading about the fountains and fixtures.

All in all, it was just the most perfect little family getaway (minus our giant child, don't get me started crying about that). We had the best time relaxing, eating & making memories in our favorite city!

If you're thinking about visiting Charleston, we highly recommend you GET THERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN (because you will LOVE it). 😉

Thanks for stopping by to visit with us today!
I hope y'all are relaxing by the pool and enjoying this beautiful summer weather!

I'll be back to talk about a project that I'm working on here at the house (also being referred to as the day I spent $100 to paint my bathroom the exact same color)…(Lord, have mercy).

Happy weekend, friends!


Sweaty photo from brunch at the haunted {according to Buton's book} Poogan's Porch.
Chicken & Waffles, baby!!