Fashion Friday - Prime Wardrobe

Hello All!  I have a short and sweet post for Fashion Friday :)  This weekend is my work summer party, and I needed to find a pink dress to wear for the occasion.  I figured there was no better time to try out Amazon's Prime Wardrobe service to see how it works.

What is it?  Amazon Prime members can use this new service called Prime Wardrobe - essentially you select up to 8 pieces of clothing in your prime wardrobe cart, they send to you and you have 7 days to try on to purchase or send back.  I was able to do this easily from the Amazon App...

I chose 6 dresses in varying shades of pink in prices ranging from $30-69. 
I ordered Monday and they arrived Thursday.
I realized when I got them that two of the dresses were for little girls, not grown ups😂
So, that was two down right there.  
I tried one on, and it was way too small (someone had one too many pieces of birthday cake).
That left me with the three options:

 This is what they looked like in person:

SO which, did I choose???
I'll share that with you from McCoy Farm tomorrow!