Crazytowne Goes Back to School & Other Assorted August Ramblings...

Hi, friends!

Well, here we are again!
Another summer has blinked by, the kids are already back in school and now I'm sitting over here living entirely for fall break! 😂

It blows my mind every year how fast summer flies by!
This year we took EXTRA care to keep our schedule as free & as boring as we possibly could...and it still flew by! 😕

It's true what they say,
"time marches on" matter how much you try to make it not!

I'm grateful, however, that we kept the bar so low because we really did have a nice, relaxing summer around here. Owen was home from college and this summer Olivia got her driver's license (also known as the Mandy Pryor Drivers Ed Program on Instagram, ha), and Evan basically let them have all of the glory & attention because he was very busy playing Fortnite...

I made sure to take their picture every time all three of them were together at the same time.
It drove them bananas but I don't care. I feel this urgency to hold them closer together now that I see where this whole parenting thing is really going.

And where it is going, it goes fast!

Well, anyway...

We are all back in school and the crazy train is chugging full speed ahead!

Olivia set the record on how many times I could snub & cry in one week when she started her junior year of high school, got her driver's license, and drove off alone to school AND started her first after school job all at the same time. I see where you think you're going, sister (away from your mama) & I don't like it one bit!!

In addition to getting up at the crack of dawn with BB the rooster (are you following that saga on Instagram?), Evan is playing middle school football AND running cross country this nine weeks, I'm trying to remember why I agreed to let him do this.

Evan playing football has opened up a whole new window of time for me that has NEVER existed before!

(Please let me clarify that when I say Evan is playing middle school football, I mean my little sixth grade Pootie Bear is on the 6-8th team but is safely standing on the sidelines most of the time.)😂 
((I'm not the least bit ashamed to say that either, but don't tell him))
(((Save my baby, those boys are HUGE)))…

Anyway, between his football practice schedule & Olivia driving herself to school &, some days I don't have to pick anyone up until 5:30 PM!!
(Did you hear me?? FIVE THIRTY, y'all!!!)
I've been trying to utilize my time wisely, but so far I have found myself walking in circles most of the day because it just feels SO WRONG!!

I'm trying to make better use of my time, like today I'm going to touch up some paint & then go lay out by the pool and read my book...baha!!
((I'm joking))
(((I ought to though...)))😉

Owen has gotten settled in for his second year of college.
This summer he kindly brought home his very best messy college habits & giant sized appetite...(and when I say "this summer" I mean the time that he was out of school that stretched from May to August, God bless America). I loved so much having that giant baby home and seeing him every day (but I also love a semi sanitary home & for the food I just bought to be there when I open the fridge to use it), but I know he is going to have the best time this semester living in his first apartment & I'm excited every time I talk to him because he is turning into an amazing young man!

I do have lots more to share but I've got to hop up here & get busy on my list!
(so I can lay by the pool guilt free later)
((I'm kidding))

I will be back soon to share a post about a few appliances that we have had to purchase this year (because apparently this is the year of every appliance we own breaking down & I really wish they'd sent out a memo...).

I hope you guys are off to a GREAT back to school start!

Check back later this week, Kim is going to share some Fashion Finds from her recent Cabi party!
(speaking of Cabi, that navy outfit I am wearing in the photo above is a Cabi set I purchased when OWEN WAS IN THE 7TH GRADE...the quality, y'all is unbelievable!!!)

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!