Handwritten Notes: Reviving A Lost Art

Happy New Year From the Love House!!

This is the second year in a row circumstances have prevented us from sending out a traditional Christmas card in a timely fashion.  This year I had a little collage card made with some highlights of 2019, and one very ambitious task: a handwritten note to each recipient.

The Love 2019 Collage
It has actually been a bit of a therapeutic task, taking a moment for each person, each family to send a personal note.  It has been a lovely way to think on the wonderful friends and family from all over the place.  Distance and years have prevented us from seeing so many special people from our lives and adventures, sending and receiving holiday cards always makes me feel connected.

The assembly line
I am definitly not the best at written correspondence, but by golly I am proud I actually got at least this little task done.  If you ever find yourself thinking about a dear friend far away - even in this day where we can text in an instant - try putting a pen to paper and tell them in your own handwriting.  It's more therapeutic than you may think 💌