Welcome to Crafty Southern Mama Blog!

Mandy & Kim

We are a sister blogging team, proud southern mamas, devout traditionalists, warriors of faith, lovers of books, hunters of bargains, adventure and delicious sweet tea; striving to live the best darn southern life we can!

 CRAFTY does not limit you to making some something you saw on Pinterest! 

A woman who is CRAFTY is smooth, they're slick, tricky, and clever...
ALL of the things that us mamas do while we are wearing all the hats that mamas do! 

Crafty doesn't always mean you painted it yourself or made it by hand using $80 worth of craft supplies from Hobby Lobby (because realistically, mamas don't have a lot of extra time for things like that). Crafty also means you are winging it with grace, serving store bought goodies from the Publix bakery on a pretty party tray (and that is absolutely ok). Life can get pretty crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

We hope you enjoy these adventures of
a Crafty Southern Mama...

Mandy & Kim